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Error Codes

Error CodeMeaning
QPO0QPriceOracle: Asset not supported
QPO1QPriceOracle: currentExchangeRate out of bounds
QM0QollateralManager: Only admin authorized
QM1QollateralManager: Only market role authorized
QM2QollateralManager: Borrower not enough collateral balance
QM3QollateralManager: Withdraw amount must be less than collateral balance
QM4QollateralManager: MToken wrapping not supported for this asset
QM5QollateralManager: Withdraw amount must be positive
QM6QollateralManager: Withdraw amount will cause undercollateralized account
QM7QollateralManager: Asset is not supported as collateral
QM8QollateralManager: Not enough collateral
FRM0FixedRateMarket: Market expired
FRM1FixedRateMarket: Amount must be greater than zero
FRM2FixedRateMarket: Not enough allowance
FRM3FixedRateMarket: Not enough balance
FRM4FixedRateMarket: May not redeem early
FRM5FixedRateMarket: Liquidatee is not eligible for liquidation
FRM6FixedRateMarket: Quote ID was not found
FRM7FixedRateMarket: Liquidatee's collateral balance is too low to pay liquidator
FRM8FixedRateMarket: Lends must be greater than borrows
FRM9FixedRateMarket: PV Amount must cover at least protocol fee costs
FRM10FixedRateMarket: Invalid quote - Quote size too small
FRM11FixedRateMarket: //Currently Unused
FRM12FixedRateMarket: User not authorized for this action
FRM13FixedRateMarket: Invalid quote - invalid quoteType
FRM14FixedRateMarket: Invalid quote - invalid side
FRM15FixedRateMarket: Invalid quote - invalid cashflow
FRM16FixedRateMarket: Invalid quote - Invalid APR
FRM17FixedRateMarket: Invalid quote - Invalid counterparty
FRM18FixedRateMarket: Invalid maturity
FRM19FixedRateMarket: QToken amount exceeds balance
FRM20FixedRateMarket: Amount exceeds redeemable tokens
FRM21FixedRateMarket: Transferred qTokens plus current borrows exceeds qToken balance
FRM22FixedRateMarket: Borrower amount exceeds permitted max borrow
FRM23FixedRateMarket: Redeem amount must be greater than zero